My Day Off: Dove go fresh & StyleCaster Hamptons Event ‘Restore Your Senses’

Dove_Pool Last Friday yours truly and roughly 30 beauty bloggers hopped a bus and hit the Hamptons for a daylong Dove retreat appropriately called #RestoreYourSenses. Aside for the clouds, it was the perfect day. We enjoyed Dove products, being outside, hand massages, nail art, bracelet making, meeting new people delicious food and tasty cocktails! When we arrived at the gorgeous StyleCaster Hamptons party mansion in Water Mill/Southampton, we were treated to brunch prepared by celebrity chef Danielle Saunders and mimosas (now we’re talking) poolside. Then it was a yoga class on the lawn, but I chose instead to make bracelets with Jenni Radosevich of I Spy DIY. That was probably my favorite part of the day since I was able to relax and chat with people I had just met. It was very mellow, which is a word I don’t get to use often enough these days. Who am I kidding? The best part was the 4-course lunch inspired by the Dove go fresh product collection also prepared by Chef Saunders…which was beyond delicious!
The 'inspiration' of the day.
The ‘inspiration’ of the day.
Dove shaped fruit
Dove shaped fruit at brunch
Making bracelets
Yoga, but don't look for me. I didn't partake. I did loan out my yoga clothes though.
Yoga, but don’t look for me. I didn’t partake. I did loan out my yoga clothes though.
Dove inspired cocktails
Dove inspired cocktails
The setting for our lunch


This salad was another highlight. Yum.
As was dessert.
As was dessert.
About to leave, but I didn't want to.
About to leave, but I didn’t want to.
Thanks Dove and StyleCaster for a beautiful day…   – Lauren Dimet Waters Photos: Ally Lindsay

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