2016 Must-Have Handbags: Embossed, Embellished and Extravagant

A relatively new, but quite dear, friend recently called me from an impromptu shopping trip for advice on (what else?) a handbag. Her quandary? Do I get the Celine tote in basic black or taupe embossed croc? You, dear reader, know my answer of course – the fashion forward one. The question you see was much more complex than just “which can I use more?” You see, Los Angeles not being New York or London or Paris, the question is: “When you live in a city that is generally behind fashion-wise, do you lead the pack or follow?” I say LEAD!!! To that end, I did a bit of poking into this season’s handbags to see what caught my eye and the answer is embellished. Bunnies, birds, butterflies and, of course, flowers are appearing on even the most classic of shapes and signature patterns from Fendi to Valentino. Valentino’s embroidered butterflies alight on this denim top handle satchel and Dolce and Gabbana’s embellished daisies transform this most simple and ladylike of handbag shapes – the top handle box – into a breath of fresh air. Gucci updates the eternally classic GG Supreme print with maroon trim and painted flowers on the classic satchel and Signora Prada, not to run with the rest of the fashion world, chooses bunnies as her harbinger of spring on an unstructured doctor’s bag. Even Fendi has updated the soon to be classic Peekaboo Bag with a pale pink Easter egg lining and beaded birds and flowers. Of course, I could not close this out without talking about the newest Fendi offering, the Dot Com Bag, which, of course comes in a flower applique version. Of course, you’re seeing a lot of shoulder straps in these latest offerings and, by now, you can surmise that I am no fan of the crossbody strap. After all, it deforms and body and wrinkles the clothes; what would Lady Mary’s lady’s maid say? However, fashion and my taste being fickle, I have to give a plug for the Fendi Strap You line, especially the detachable floral bag strap. It’s the perfect way to introduce floral to your handbag wardrobe this spring! I’m also obsessed with the Fendi Karlito line which also features a detachable shoulder strap. Who wouldn’t want Karl Lagerfeld peeking over their shoulder through his mink sunglasses? That said, my own order is in for the iPhone 6 case; the mink will keep the palm of my hand warm while I make calls from the beach! Punxatawny Phil has declared that spring is right around the corner, ladies. It’s time to carry – in your own well-manicured hands – a little spring cheer! 1. Valentino Butterfly Embroidered Denim & Leather Satchel, $3,445 2. Dolce & Gabbana Embellished Jacquard & Lizard-Embossed Leather Top-Handle Bag, $3,595 3. Gucci Blooms GG Supreme Top-Handle Bag, $1,390 4. Prada Rabbit-Print Leather Inside Bag, $3,180 5. Fendi Peekaboo Beaded Satchel, $5,750 6. Fendi Dot Com Floral Appliqué Leather Satchel, $3,300 7. Fendi Strap You Floral-Embellished Leather Handbag Shoulder Strap, $1,100 8. Fendi Strap You Karlito Leather & Mink Fur Handbag Shoulder Strap, $1,050 – Joseph Ungoco Image Layout: Fountain Of 30

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