Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NY Spring ’12. Backstage at Ruffian

The run of the looks

Even though it was early and bright on a Saturday morning, the music was pulsating backstage at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week tents in New York for the Spring ’12 Ruffian show. The MAC Pro Team had their work cut out for them, creating a look based on Equestrian-chic.

Head MAC artist James Kaliardos gave insight as to the embodiment and look of the girl. The inspiration of the look was inspired by three different women as well as jockeys. Therefore, the graphic-ism is prominently displayed in both the clothing and small additional touches, like the makeup and nails.

MAC face chart of the look


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The finished look!

The mainstay of the look is a graphic eye consisting of a a very precise eyeliner, strong brows and bold lashes. The brows are inspired by Elizabeth Taylor, the liner takes cues from a photograph of Jacqueline Ribes and a lashes #21 from MAC and used mascara to blend the model’s lashes with the false.  Another inspiration for this look is based on the cheeks. Sheena Easton brings a bit of a retro feel by the heavy use of the blush.

Even the nails were just as fun as the clothing!

The hair from the back
James Kaliardos touching up a model
Using the Pen Ultimate product, Kaliardos explained that the liner is used like a calligraphy pen because of it’s sharp point and manageability. “It’s really easy to use so we went and thin in the front of the lash and thickening towards the end and a line that comes slightly raising above so it gives kind of a Japan-amation eye,” Kaliardos explained. First on the eye is a sheer icing color named Cake Mix which is used as the base for the eye. Copperplate, which is a greenish gray color, is then applied in the crease but only in the center to define the eye. Lips are finished off in a nude color. The color really shines on the cheeks with the retro and angular application of the color Peach across.
Designers of Ruffian Claude Morais and Brian Wolk

– Taneisha Jordan

Photos: Second City Style

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