Legally Yours: Steve Madden Is An Eternal Copy Cat

 Steve Madden‘s love to use any design that isn’t their own and this round they’ve taken some blatant inspiration from Miu Miu (again). Out of all the shoes from all the designers, especially some of the stunning kicks that Miu Miu sends out this pair barely needed to be made once, much less a second time.
Steve Madden made its copy a little less blatant than their usual offenders, but the inspiration is definitely there. How many designers do glitter peep-toe heeled booties with ankle straps?
Do you see the resemblance or will Miu Miu even bother with a lawsuit?
-Kat Bremhorst

1 thought on “Legally Yours: Steve Madden Is An Eternal Copy Cat”

  1. You can definitely see that Steve Madden’s shoe is inspired by the Miu Miu shoe but I don’t think they’re similar enough in shape or true style for a law suit. The Miu Miu ones are more chic whereas the Steve Madden ones are a bit tacking, in my honest opinion. Plus, I’m sure there will so many more brands/companies that come out with glittered heels/booties.


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