Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NY Spring '12. Backstage at Jeremy Laing.

For the Jeremy Laing Spring 2012 runway show, the designer wanted a feel of almost translucent models. For this effect, Laing called on Key Makeup artist Hung Vanngo and the MAC Pro Team to re-create this look for every model of the show.

Hanngo described the models as faded “sunny summer ghosts inspired by beach desert colors and flowers”, so to complete this look, not much makeup was used. The main focal point of this look was the eyes. For this, a special palette was brought in to give the eyes a golden hue. In the palette, the Mocha cream color was used as a base. This was then topped with the golden-yellowish hue Three Ring Yellow all over the lid and brow bone. “This is used to bring more of a sunset color to the face,” explained Hanngo.”It looks a bit intense in a way.” It is then topped off with one coat of mascara in which Hanngo continued, “We’re trying to make it look like she’s not wearing mascara.”
Hung Vanngo touches up a model
A peek at some of the products used
A quick look at what products were used
Another model finished with bold colors
Lips were brought to the forefront enough with a “oomph” of color but not enough to compete with the eyes, but rather complement them. Using the special palette once again, Naval was used with just a bit of the Lip Conditioner to keep the color vibrant and also the lips from drying out. These palettes are for use everywhere on the body and will be coming out in the Fall MAC collection. The skin was left translucent by only applying Face & Body Foundation. Highlighter was then applied, using the Cake Mix color on just the cheeks with using only the fingertips.
The products that created the look.
To complete the look, hair was kept very simple. Each model had a sleek look of the hair brushed back off the face with a slight off center middle part and straightened to a sleek look. Ends were once again bluntly cut and even in the middle of the back. Very minimal product was used therefore, manageability and polished was the overall effect.


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– Taneisha Jordan

Photos: Second City Style

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