Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NY Fall '11. Chris Benz Creates a Gothic Georgia

Summary: Georgia is home to many things, but inspiration for a fashion collection might not be at the top of the list. It certainly was at the Fall 2011 showing of Chris Benz. While Benz was a mentor at Savannah College of Art and Design, he fell in love with all of the strange and oddball aspects of the city. Old mansions and proper manners were a source of creativity for the designer.
Benz created ladylike structures and silhouettes but kept it young with different colored plaid dresses, tiered floral prints and gold brocade pieces. Some of pieces in the collection worked well together, while others seemed like they were misplaced. While classic pieces like the fur jackets were right, on some others such as the light blue jacket and floral dress they seemed a bit too dated for his demographic.
Color Palette: mustard yellow, beige, tan, cream, ivory, gold, brown, heather grey, black, cerulean, rose, pomegranate, burnt orange, burgundy, midnight blue, chocolate, sky blue, navy
Fabrics & Textures: wool, chiffon, silk, silk georgette, plaid, tweed, cotton, fox fur, beading, velvet, sequins, brocade
Key Looks: Black fox fur jacket, black beaded chiffon doily, silk georgette floral print sleeveless top and wool skirt; Rose crinkle leather jacket with fur collar, burnt orange top, matching plaid skirt and pant with floral ankle booties; Black wool “moth-eaten” coat, mustard sweater dress with white trim, floral dress, printed leopard tights and woven platform wedges
-Taneisha Jordan
Photos: Second City Style

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