Male Box: 60s Inspired Cocktail Dressing

I finally broke away from the “Downton Abbey” DVDs long enough to watch the new BlueRay of “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” Whereas before I was inspired by the 20s fashion of Season 5 and early Chanel, now I’m all about the 1960s, when the Jet Set hopped planes to go to parties all over the world. More importantly, the airline luggage restrictions of the time allowed everyone to pack everything they could possibly need to be chic at all their destinations. How I long for those more civilized times! Elizabeth Debicki is spectacular as a Bond-style villainess named Victoria Vinciguerra – you know how I love a bit of alliteration. Her 60s wardrobe in this film is as flawless as her 1920s wardrobe for “The Great Gatsby.” Hey, wait a minute! Another 1920s to 1960s jump – could it be a trend in the fashion industry? As I was sitting in my well-tailored glen plaid suit with a turtleneck, searching for an idea for a story that goes beyond my usual boring holiday LBD one, I noticed a trend in the current season’s offerings. Cocktail dresses that are 60s inspired! It wouldn’t be the 60s without a simple graphic shift minidress. Milly offers one with a lattice pattern that adds visual interest. Don’t you just love the double entendre of the XX insets? Kiss kiss, darling! Black-and-white is another staple of 60s-inspired dressing. I just love this Halston Heritage asymmetrical capelet minidress. Couldn’t you just see SJP going to work as their brand ambassador? And by work I mean a night on the town. A-line dresses are also classically 60s. Although the body of this Nanette Lepore minidress is not strictly A-line, the overall silhouette with the trumpet sleeves trimmed in ostrich – to match the hem – is totally A+! Balmain has cornered the market on tight sexy mini LBDs. My favorite is a cutout sheath with pointe d’esprit lace insets. The signature Balmain shoulder will help you edge out the cocktail competition and make sure you get a drink at even the most crowded of bars. Couldn’t you see Lt Uhura stepping out in this? Well, wherever you decide to step out this holiday season, be sure to bring a little 60s style with you. Remember, wear it with swagger! Pictured above left to right: MILLY Cotton & Silk Blend Shirtdress, $475 Halston Heritage Flowy Asymmetrical Capelet Dress, $395 Nanette Lepore Secret Lovers Dress, $498 Balmain Point D’Esprit Contrast Sheath, now $1671 – Joseph Ungoco Image Layout: Fountain Of 30

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