Wearable Trends: Victorian Style Secrets

What was once old is new again is a fashion mantra. This spring, not just one single trend but an entire era of yesterday is on full display for all of us fashion-lovers to appreciate. Victorian-inspired fashion is trickling its way into our spring wardrobe and I must admit, I love it. High necklines, ruffles, brocade, rich colors and textures and full sleeves are now all spring-appropriate looks, proving that less skin can be more.

Male Box: 60s Inspired Cocktail Dressing

I finally broke away from the “Downton Abbey” DVDs long enough to watch the new BlueRay of “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” Whereas before I was inspired by the 20s fashion of Season 5 and early Chanel, now I’m all about the 1960s, when the Jet Set hopped planes to go to parties all over the …

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What to Wear Wednesday: The Collarless Coat

Fountain of 30 reader and Ready Pretty customer Rachel V. recently reached out for something I’ve been somewhat dreading. Winter coats. Yes, you read that right. We’re officially into fall, which means winter is right around the corner. Instead of waiting until you are frantically searching for warm-weather gear at the sight of first snow, …

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