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Finally! It seems like this has been the never ending year but alas, 2016 is almost over. What better way to shake off the old baggage and change it up for 2017 than to completely change your outlook?

There are lots of things you can do to adjust the way you look at the new year. You don’t have to follow the Italian tradition of throwing old things out the window, but you can make room for the new things with a little rearranging and packing items in storage. You can change your style, your body, your atmosphere…anything is up for grabs!

The bedroom is a great place to start. It’s where you spend at least eight hours of your day (if you’re lucky). You need a bed that’s comfortable and a space you can be the most relaxed in. Feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, is an ideal great way to give the look of your bedroom and add a purpose. It enhances the flow of spiritual energy, also known as chi, and invites happiness and wealth in your life.


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When you apply feng shui to your space, it can impact your psychology and physiology. You can repaint the color of your room to something in the earth tone family. They create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Soft natural colors like light blues and lavenders offer a tranquil environment with healing energies. Don’t go too vibrant though. Bright reds and oranges are typically associated with yang – the masculine half of the yin and yang – which are too bright and visually stimulating for the bedroom.

Make the best out of the time you’re resting by putting your bed in a position where you’ll get the best energy. The “commanding position” is to put the bed as far away from the bedroom door but also in a spot that still allows you to see the room’s entrance. This usually means the corner of the room diagonally opposite the door. This gives you the most distance while keeping the bed out of direct alignment, meaning you’ll have a sense of safety and protection while you rest. And while you’re switching the direction of your bed, make sure to add in some new sheets.

There are also many New Year traditions born out of the kitchen. The Pennsylvania Dutch eat sauerkraut to get rich. Southern states eat black-eyed peas or collard greens for prosperity and money. The Spanish culture dictates that 12 grapes must be eaten at midnight, each one symbolizing the forecast of each month. Whatever you pick to eat for your good fortune, you gotta make sure you have great dishware to serve it on!

Don’t plan on cleaning New Year’s Day, no matter how messy the night before got. Superstitions state that if you clean your home on January 1st, you’ll sweep you good fortune for the new year right out the door! No one wants that. Save the cleaning for another day and just plan on bingeing on your favorite shows.

Thinking of changing things up just for you? That is always a good option! Mentally, it keeps you in an energetic headspace, ready to tackle the new year head on. Your closet is one idea (who doesn’t need new clothes?), another idea is to change your hairstyle. You wouldn’t believe how this simple act can transform your outlook. You could pick a daring cut like a short bob or a pixie. Or you can really get bold and choose a vibrant color. Whatever looks best and (if you conservative job) can get away with.

Lastly there is of course everyone’s new year’s resolution – getting healthy and exercising! Yes, it’s the colder months so you might not want to go outside anytime soon. That should not stop you from working out in the house. Exercise videos are the perfect addition for starting to get into shape without having to face the cold weather, especially if it’s below zero. Zumba or yoga are ideal options for working out in the home without annoying your neighbors too much.

Any way you decide to change your new year, just make sure to do it in style. Here’s to good cheer and happy beginnings in 2017!

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–Taneisha Jordan Willour

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