Celebrity Style: The Fashionable Women of the 2017 Pirelli Calendar

The Pirelli Calendar 2017 stood out this year as it does every year. But beyond photographer Peter Lindbergh’s message to “have the guts to be yourself” was the fact that he conveyed this message using mainly models/celebs in their late 30s and 40s. Models like Uma Thurman and Penelope Cruz were photographed in black and white in all their bare faced glory.

In 2016, some of those models from the Pirelli Calendar also stood out for their sartorial choices. Not to mention that their fashion has become better with age. Let’s check out some of these beauties and their style savvy looks of the year.

Nicole Kidman, 49


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Nicole Kidman was always a fashion masterpiece. She looked grand in whatever she wore, whether it was a Gucci dress or a paper bag. And the great thing about Kidman, besides the way her frame carried those gorgeous silhouettes, was all of the fashion risks she took, without going overboard. Except this year, she has started to go a bit overboard – and it’s actually worked in her favor. Like that pink and black Atelier Versace gown at the 2016 InStyle Awards, which with its cutouts and its ruffles was a bit much, but I don’t know any other celeb who could have pulled that look off. Then there was the frosty blue Erdem dress worn at the Lion premiere in Sydney, Australia. Definitely a sign that Kidman is taking even more risks.  Love it or hate it, no matter what she wears this bold beauty stands out from the crowd.

Helen Mirren, 71


I never saw a Helen Mirren look I didn’t like. So what’s her secret? Well, the fact that she doesn’t let age play into her fashion choices is certainly one of them. She also doesn’t stick to just one designer, and the fact that she doesn’t is what makes her so fabulous. She takes risks and puts her personality into every ensemble. And she obviously knows what looks good in her own personal style. She was pretty much on every best dressed list this season, wearing everything from lace in bold red to silver and sequins.

Kate Winslet, 41


It seems that Kate Winslet has always had to fight for her figure. I’m not sure why — her figure was never obese or fat even, though some would argue she was quite, um, voluptuous in the Titanic movie. Since then she’s lost the weight (even after kids) but for some reason she’s never lost the stigma. Nevertheless, what I most love about Kate Winslet is she always dresses in flattering silhouettes that compliment her figure but never cover it up. Her gowns during awards season are never over-the-top, with busy prints or flashy ruffles, however she accentuates her cleavage, muscular arms and fabulous hourglass figure to perfection. All while wearing bold jewel tone colors and tempting textures that I wish I also saw on other fashionistas.

Jessica Chastain, 39


Jessica Chastain was a late bloomer to the acting game, but she hasn’t let that stop her in the fashion forward department. I remember seeing her at one of her first fashion shows after The Help, just before the Oscars and she already had her fashion on point. Yes, that was the one where she got her Oscars nomination during the Armani catwalk. Since then, Chastain has only excelled further in the fashion game — thanks to choosing a nice mix of prints and solids, wearing silhouettes that look great on her figure, choosing to take risks but never going overboard, and knowing her own personal style.

–Simona Kogan

Pictured at the top: Nicole Kidman, People.com;  Helen Mirren, People.com; Kate Winslet, 41,  E! Entertainment Network; Jessica Chastain, Just Jared

B&W Photos: Peter Lindbergh, Pirelli Calendar 2017

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