Lady Gaga Lets You Shop Her Personal Wardrobe!


How much would you spend to look like this???

Who knew Lady Gaga's wardrobe was actually attainable? Then again, who would actually wear some of the things she's been able to pull off? Fashion site and e-retailer Not Just A challenges the fashion world to try on some Gaga for size as they feature the kooky stylings of the pop star in their Celebrity Christmas Special. Claiming her "extravangant and experimental attitude" lays unparalleled by any other, the site allowed the performer to curate a special collection of her greatest hits, and we're not referring to her songs.  From her aluminum eye patch in the "Paparazzi" video to the silver-sequined bodysuit she donned in Dazed and Confused, Gaga's top picks have been compiled and organized into a shop-able virtual closet for our perusing pleasure. Designers involved in the collection include AND_i, Orschel-Read, ARA JO, and Raffaele Ascione — each a vital player in the construction of Gaga's cataclysmic style. Check out the drama of each available piece at

Article Source: NY Mag, Not Just A Label
Photo Source: eonline
—Alia Rajput

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