Holiday Obsession: The DKNY Cozy


All I want for Christmas is a DKNY Cozy. I'll take one in purple or black please. This  clever wardrobe mainstay can be worn an infinite number of ways. It's basically a long sleeved open cardigan which is short and fitted in the back and long and draped in the front. One piece…a million ways to use it. I could wear it a dozen times and it would never look the same unless I wanted it too. How cool is that? I could wear it loose,DKNY_cozy_2 belt it, use a bangle to secure it, wear it backwards or even as a scarf! Like my handbag, this is a piece I would take everywhere…the perfect effortless layering essential.

Not only does it come in a myriad of colors, but fabrics as well. There is even a video to teach you how to wear your Cozy a dozen or so ways. Brilliant for those of us who would probably only remember two. Not only that…there is even an app for that. Seriously…there is.

There is no downside I can find, so please Santa, can you bring me a Cozy this year? I really am being frugal…I swear.


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Check out the DKNY Cozy, order & see the video here.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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