How To Buy for Your Guy: Evan Yurman

Evan Yurman

Still fretting on what to get that man in your life for the holidays? With time being a bit of a factor, you need something stylish, affordable and maybe just a bit easy to find. Evan Yurman, the designer of David Yurman Men's and Timepiece collections hands out a few helpful tips.


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According to Yurman, the must have item for the season is a bracelet. From beads, to leather, to rubber, any kind of interesting design will show that you put some thought into their gift and not just any old bauble off the rack. Classic items for the men that really have meaning in your life would be classic pieces like a fine timepiece. To make that special watch even better, you can always have it engraved and it only takes a few minutes, even less time than it too for you to pick out that watch.

The hardest person to buy for might be that fashion-forward and "man's man" in your life. They are the worse because as you move from store to store, all you can hear in your head is, "they won't like that" or "they already have something like this." Frustrating, to say the least. Yurman does have very valuable advice in this situation. "A pair of classic thoroughbred cufflinks for the preppy men," Yurman explained.  "For the fashion-forward man, a cool bracelet – something from the Weave, Ojime, or Spiritual Bead collections.  And for those “man’s man” guys in our lives – a bold sterling silver bracelet from the Streamline, Infinity, Empire, or Curb collections."

And if all else fails and you are pressed for time, the best idea is a key ring. One can never go wrong with the classic key ring!

Just what you need for the dad/brother/boyfriend/cousin/husband/ cute guy who walks his dog next to you every morning (i.e. future husband) in your life!

—Taneisha Jordan

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