La Prairie Introduces Two Undeniably Amazing Anti-Aging Products: Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream & Dry Oil



I have been withholding these products from you, and for that I’m sorry. But I was sworn to secrecy and couldn’t say anything about these La Prairie’s new Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream & Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil until they were available for sale. The good news, however, is that over the past few months I have been using them and can attest…used together, they are beyond. Just BEYOND.


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The backstory:  Miles high in the Swiss Alps, in a world of sheer ice crystals, is where two seemingly fragile plants and one tiny algae learned to survive and thrive in the harshest setting on earth for plant life, developing strategies to outwit the environment, protect their own DNA and actually flourish. la prairie found a way to harness (and bottle) the extreme-survivalist secrets of those Swiss extremophile plants and algae into one extraordinary, patent-pending Swiss Ice Crystal Complex. This Complex transfers the strength of survivor plants and algae to human skin, allowing it to become more resilient, acclimating seamlessly to the daily extremes of life. The result is younger looking skin that can battle the elements that age skin.


La Prairie’s Dr. Daniel Stangl claims, “I’ve been with the brand since 1993 – through 20 years of ground breaking, innovative launches – and the new Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal products are among the most exciting products we’ve developed.  To be able to capture the youth-protecting properties and adaptive nature of the three survivalist plants – deemed the Swiss Ice Crystal Complex – and combine those with revolutionary technologies of modern skincare is exceptional.  in essence, the Swiss Ice Crystal Complex helps skin outwit daily aging assaults from the environment – an incredible achievement.”

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream is a nourishing daily moisturizer with intensive benefits, helping the skin adapt to a world of extremes:  stress, environment and aging. The modern formulation – an oil-in-water gel-cream – feels rich but immediately penetrates and turns skin to silk as it revitalizes the complexion and works to fortify your skin’s resilience to life’s increasing aging assaults. Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream is also an excellent “recovery cream” for stressed skin (a result of dermatological procedures, change in climate or excess traveling).

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil is a hydrating, nurturing dry oil that contains a precious blend of pure oils and age-delaying extracts – nature’s answers to youth and beauty – as well as the new Swiss Ice Crystal Complex. This sheer, weightless dry oil strengthens and fortifies your skin to prevent moisture loss and keep skin supple, emitting a non-oily, natural, healthy glow. Oils help create a seal which locks in moisture on skin.  In addition, the youth-preserving Swiss Ice Crystal Complex, which embodies the intense survival capability of extremophile plants and algae capable of withstanding the harshest environment on earth for plant life – namely Saxifraga Oppositifolia, Soldanella Alpina and Swiss Snow Algae – helps to provide potent anti-oxidant protection.

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil may be used alone or used in combination with another moisturizer to dramatically nurture and strengthen your skin’s resilience to rapid aging factors. Dry oil can help any moisturizer work better. Humectants in creams draw water into your skin. Oils hold water in, so if you use both at the same time, you get the most hydration. If you use a serum, apply that first before the oil.

After washing my face in the evening, I have been applying my serum and then blending a couple of drops of Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil with Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream and using as a night cream. For day I add a drop of the oil to my foundation. I am absolutely thrilled with the products. I promise you will be too.

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream, $300
La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil, $300

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Samples provided for review, but opinions are my own.

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