Kate Middleton’s Wardrobe Update

From R-L: Kate wears a black and white dress in 2007 and again on June 11, 2011. She wears a brocade jacket in 2009 and again on June 12, 2011.

All eyes were on 29 year-old Kate Middleton as she walked down the seemingly endless aisle of Westminster Abbey. Her poise and personality have certainly been in the spotlight but not nearly as much as her style. After ten years of acclimating to royal life, she has emerged a fashion superstar and the media has yet to reveal any photos where she does not appear glamorous.
With Prince William and Princess Kate’s North American tour upon us, many are wondering what she will be wearing to impress us on our home turf. It is rumored that she will spend upwards of $65,000 on her wardrobe for the eleven-day trip, including a casual rodeo outfit. What is most interesting about Middleton’s shopping excursions is that she has a policy against accepting free offers of clothing unlike other modern celebrities who borrow designer gowns. She does however set-up private agreements with designers who will dress her for a cost.
Even with her extensive wardrobe budget, Kate remains a frugal fashionista. She mixes couture or high-end pieces with budget items from mainstream stores like Zara and is not afraid to repeat outfits. In fact, she was seen last week in London in a print dress she wore in 2007. She is certainly down to earth in addition to setting a fabulous example for fashionistas in this recession.
Even royalty can be resourceful when it comes to fashion!
-Whitney Mash
Article Source: Huffington Post
Photo Source: www.zimbio.com

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