Braid Of The Day: Sarah Hyland's Headband Braid

Braids are nothing new, but as much as they’ve been done I still rely on the braid as my summer hair go-to. We usually use the french braid around our hairlines to mask greasy roots and uncooperative bangs, but Sarah Hyland showed us that the braid can be a choice, not a last resort.
Hyland did her braid a little further back and let her bangs wave out and the rest of her waves cascade down her back. The look was less beachy, and a little more preppy with the braid acting as a headband. This look is as easy as it’s hairline predecessor just pull away your bangs and braid a two inch section from ear to ear.
Will you try out Hyland’s preppy braid or are you completely over this look?
-Kat Bremhorst
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