Karl Lagerfeld is Keeping it Safe


So, what's the first thing you think of when you think of Karl Lagerfeld? If any one of your first 1,264 answers was "safe", then you are in luck!

Lagerfeld has teamed up with German luxury safe maker Döttling to create a limited edition safe. The company is calling the safe the world's most expensive safe, with a 6-foot steel body sheathed in high-gloss chrome-plated aluminum. When activated by the owner, the butterfly doors open to reveal interior cabinets containing watch winders and jewelry drawers.

Named the "Narcissus", the safe retails at 250,000 euros ($339,000 at current exchange rates), in which only 30 models were made. Of course, Lagerfeld got the first model.

So, you have an extra $339,000 to spend for your accessories, there are another 29 models left.


-Taneisha Jordan

Source, Photo: WWD.com

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