Is Fashion Getting Lazy?


You may notice a strange pattern in your Spring 2010 advertisements… All those models? Why are all those ladies laying down?

Louis Vuitton earlier released ads with Lara Stone lying in moss and grass. New Versace ads feature a Georgina May Jagger lying on a white fur blanket, while Raquel Zimmermann is on the sand, surrounded by 30 snakes of all colors for Alexander McQueen.

LVCampaignStone Is this a fashion subliminal message or all just coincidence?

“It’s obviously sexual,” said David Wolfe, creative director of the trend forecasting company The Doneger Group. “But the other thing I think of is animal psychology, because I do watch ‘The Dog Whisperer.’ When dogs or cats lower themselves to make themselves seem submissive, they are giving up their power and displaying their lack of aggression.

But these advertisements are meant to appeal to women. Why would women want to be wooed by other models? It was also noted by Wolfe that this could be a desire to return to traditional gender roles. 

“It’s very hard to make a sexy picture of an elegant dress,” Wolfe said. “But throw the woman on the ground, and, oh, it’s a sexual come-on. That moves merchandise.”


Well, I always just thought it was the best way to show a two page spread…

-Taneisha Jordan




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