Lohan Gives Leggings a Beneficial Cause

Styles from Lindsay Lohan's leggings line, 6126 Collection

Ok, so usually we can't say enough about Lindsay Lohan. But that doesn't usually mean it's a good thing. Today, however, we are proud to announce she has made headlines for a reputable reason, for once. Lohan announced that, for a limited time, her silver "Fame" leggings from her 6126 Collection would be reduced from $65 to $90 and that a whopping 100% of the proceeds from this particular style would go to benefit Save the Children, a charitable organization that has been helping victims of the Haiti earthquake. “It is truly horrible what has happened to the people and children in
Haiti. I believe every company should do their part to help by donating
what they can,” says Lindsay. Is it possible? Lindsay may actually be starting to realize that maybe, just maybe, the entire world doesn't revolve around her after all. Kudos!

Check out and purchase Lohan's 6126 Collection "Fame" leggings here.

Article Source: People.com

Photo Source: etonline.com

—Alia Rajput

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