New York Fashion Week Spring '10. Emerging Talent from The Academy of Art

The best thing about the Academy of Art show is not the clothes. It's the creativity and enthusiasm of young designers who are as yet unencumbered by the weight of marketing and PR teams, of revenue spreadsheets and trend forecasting. What the designers lack in wearability they make up for in ingenuity and innovation. It's still–comparatively–raw talent that's full of the energy necessary to charge into the fashion spotlight.

Academy_of_Art_Marina_Nikplaeva_Popska_Spring_10_13 Academy_of_Art_Marina_Nikplaeva_Popska_Spring_10_14 Academy_of_Art_Marina_Nikplaeva_Popska_Spring_10_15

While the structure of the garments was awkward, Marina Nikolaeva Popska's knits (above) are standouts. With patterns and colors that evoke butterflies, the knits are intricately woven and beautifully textured.


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Academy_of_Art_Kara_Sennett_Spring_10_10 Academy_of_Art_Kara_Sennett_Spring_10_11 Academy_of_Art_Kara_Sennett_Spring_10_12

Kara Sennett's 60s inspired collection (above) made me want to pop out of my seat and dance the mashed potato. Bright blues and poppy pink are even brighter next to whites. Fun and wearable.

Academy_of_Art_Amanda_Cleary_Spring_10_1 Academy_of_Art_Amanda_Cleary_Spring_10_2 Academy_of_Art_Amanda_Cleary_Spring_10_3

Amanda Cleary's use of packaging (above) as a jumping off point for her clothes was original and appreciated, and her adventurous experimentation with fabric–bonding silk Lurex to cotton twill for a look that mimics eel skin, for example–is commendable.

Academy_of_Art_Richelle_Valenzuela_Spring_10_16 Academy_of_Art_Richelle_Valenzuela_Spring_10_17 Academy_of_Art_Richelle_Valenzuela_Spring_10_18

Richelle Valenzuela's silvery blue organza pieces (above) fluttered like crepe paper decorations–in the best way. These are beautiful pieces for women who aren't afraid to be noticed.

Academy_of_Art_Brittney_Spring_10_4 Academy_of_Art_Brittney_Spring_10_5 Academy_of_Art_Brittney_Spring_10_6

The taffeta compilations assembled by Brittany Major look rack-ready (above). Bright colors perk up the plaids, making them springy and light.

Academy_of_Art_Jie_Pan_10_7 Academy_of_Art_Jie_Pan_10_8 Academy_of_Art_Jie_Pan_10_9

It was hard not to think of the Jetsons while viewing Jie Pan's space-age collection (above). Her juxtaposition of contrasting materials–horsehair and chiffon, natural linen and organza–made for textured garments, if a bit ahead of her time.

Academy_of_Art_Sawanya_Jomthepmala_Spring_10_19 Academy_of_Art_Sawanya_Jomthepmala_Spring_10_20 Academy_of_Art_Sawanya_Jomthepmala_Spring_10_21

Sawanya Jomthepmala (above) struck the right balance of patterns and solids, pretty, pop-y colors as beautiful as the stained glass windows from Thai temples that inspired her. The origami-influence was well-directed, creating chic details that made her clothing unique.

– Becky Ellis

Photos: WWD

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