In Praise of the FitFlop…At Least While Pregnant

Yes. You read that correctly. But, hear me out. As you already know I am one to poke fun at ugly footwear (Crocs and Birkenstocks make me ill), yet when 8 months pregnant, with swollen feet and hot, hot heat…nothing aches more. My resolve to wear 4 inch wedges all summer is out the window. My last pregnancy as well as with this one…my feet have LOVED Oprah’s fave…the FitFlop. Last time I was pregnant which was 2 years ago, the selection was not nearly as good as it is now and I bought a silver pair which I had to dispose of after one season as they turned black from the grimy city streets (I try not to think too hard about this…gross). This time I was smart and got black.
Not only are my feet as comfortable as they would be in sneakers, but my FitFlops have won the approval of my physical therapist which I see for my back while pregnant. They help my posture and alignment and are super cushy.  A win-win.

FitFlop Electra

Do I think my current pair of FitFlips (pictured above) are the best looking shoes I own? Far from it, but my feet are happy and right now, that’s what matters. Will I wear these next summer when I am (hopefully) not pregnant? Probably not. But who knows? I do have a dog to walk and they are super comfy and a no-brainer when headed out the door quickly.
Check out all the new styles of FitFlops here.
– Lauren Dimet Waters
FTC Disclosure: Sample provided for review.

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