HSN Plans Shopping Campaign for 'Eat Pray Love' Film


In anticipation of what's sure to be the next chick flick hit, cable network retailer HSN has struck a big broad marketing deal with Sony Pictures for the upcoming movie "Eat Pray Love" starring Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem, based on the best-selling true story by Elizabeth Gilbert.

HSN says it is one of the most comprehensive campaigns it has ever done as it gears up  to sell more than 400 products across a variety of categories, including beauty, electronics, home decor, travel, cooking, jewelry, accessories and ready-to-wear. Partners and brands in the marketing plan include big names like Naeem Khan (whose last big HSN sale was made famous by selling out in minutes), Robin by Me & Ro, Rebecca Moses, Padma Lakshmi, Lancome, RK by Ranjana Khan, Hutton Wilkinson, Carleton Varney, Sony Electronics, Nicky Butler, V by Eva, Tagliamonte, Sajen Silver, Dalia, Clever Carriage, Casa di Francesca and Sarita Handa.

The bulk of the HSN campaign will be on August 6, 7 and 8. The movie debuts in theaters August 13. The Sony Pictures effort focuses on women for its movie, which fit HSN's demographic perfectly since the network's customer base is 83% female between the ages of 30 and 50. Marc Weinstock, president of Worldwide Marketing for Sony Pictures, stated: "There are very few retailers out there that have the breadth and depth of HSN. This is a unique promotion that taps into its power as a content, community and commerce platform, and we are excited to have them on board as a partner." With trailers for the movie having hit theaters last holiday weekend, many of us (namely, me) are already getting excited to see the film! 


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Article Source: Media Daily News

Photo Source: andtheplotthickens.com

-Alia Rajput

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