How I Style My Tissardi Paris “Rivo” Handbag

I’m not going to lie, I love my designer “investment’ bags. If I obsess over one long enough I can sometimes justify spending the money. Of course I first have to do a cost per wear analysis and if I feel in my heart I will carry the hell out of it for many years to come, I might pull the trigger. After all, I don’t have any daughters to “share” them with. So they are solely for me. Well current world events have made designer bags seem totally frivolous to me and I’m not really going anywhere anyway.

Yet that didn’t stop me from coveting a retro Gucci horsebit bag. My mom used to have what they now call a Gucci Horsebit 1955 shoulder bag. In fact it was recently brought back and now retails for $2,690. Mom’s was brown and I used to stare at it in her closet. I don’t know what ever happened to that bag but I found myself lusting after the same bag in red, which is odd because I don’t normally love red handbags. But this red is gorgeous and would pop so beautifully with my mostly black wardrobe.

Tissardi “Rivo” Crossbody Bag


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Well it didn’t matter because I was not getting one. That was until I noticed the Tissardi Paris “Rivo” Crossbody bag with a golden metal horsebit in genuine cowhide leather was remarkably similar and had a price tag of only $80! Tissardi is a maker of high quality leather designer-inspired bags or as some might call them, dupes. The Rivo bag I’m featuring here is pretty much identical to the Gucci horsebit 1955 bag.

The quality of leather, stitching and hardware are exceptional and the Rivo is available in red, brown, white and black just like Gucci’s. The Rivo is beautifully crafted in real leather and has a golden metal horsebit with a flap closure. You can wear it as a shoulder bag or cross body thanks to its adjustable leather shoulder strap. It’s available in two sizes (small and medium). I am pictured here with the medium. Of course I opted for red and have discovered I am carrying it all year. It is just as fabulous for summer as it is for winter. 

Tissardi Rivo Crossbody Bag summer fountainof30

Tissardi Rivo handbag winter fountainof30

I won’t buy or carry a counterfeit bag one would buy on Canal Street in NYC because they are made illegally in China, with child labor and are linked to drugs, weapons and insidious criminal activity. If you have to wait for your bag to be run to you on a street corner so cops won’t see, you know it’s not good. I could never carry that bag with a clear conscious and the seams won’t match anyway. I try to practice non-judgement but cheap counterfeit bags are icky.

However Tissardi bags are different. Their bags are of an irreproachable quality and aesthetic, and are notably made of cowhide, sheepskin and crocodile leather. They also make beautiful belts and shoes. Tissardi is based in France but ships worldwide. It takes a while for their items to arrive but I promise you will not be disappointed.

Tissardi "Rivo" Crossbody Bag fall fountainof30

red Tissardi "Rivo" Crossbody Bag fountainof30   

The Tissardi “Rivo” Crossbody bag with golden metal horsebit in genuine cowhide leather, $80

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