Gypsy Style: A Fool-Proof Way To Liven Up Your Home

Gypsy, Nomad, Traveler… any of these words conjure up eclectic images. Historically these people never put down roots, but kept moving around seeking safety and fortune. As they traveled, they picked up clothing, furnishings and other elements of style, combining them in an original way that could not be assigned to any particular place. That is why the Gypsy Style can be mixed in with so many other types of decor you already have in your home.

Bohemians are quite often incorrectly thrown into this group. Bohemianism is the practice of living an unconventional lifestyle centered around the arts, spirituality, or anti-establishment views. Bohemians usually embraced poverty and avoided putting down roots. This is likely why they are associated with gypsies yet the chose this lifestyle by choice and the others are usually born into it.

There are also the “haute bohème” who are wealthier, more privileged and often aristocratic. It was this group that made the gypsy style more mainstream. In April of 1971 The Rolling Stones left England with the tax man at their heels and rented Villa Nellcôte, a 16 room mansion in the south of France, to record Exile On Main St. A French photographer documented the stay and it remains a great display of the haute bohème lifestyle, inspiring people to want to live this glamorous hippie lifestyle.


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gypsy boho style for your home inspired by Nellcote 1971
The Rolling Stones at Villa Nellcôte in 1971, Dominique Tarlé photo.

The gypsy/boho style has been around since the late 60’s, sometimes more in the forefront and other times in the background. In the warmer months it makes more sense because this is when we are looking for more colorful, lively furnishings to brighten up our homes and gardens. Or we are searching for blankets to take on picnics and exotic tableware to accent the fruits and flowers of the season. This makes summer the perfect time to try out this decor trend.

The beautiful part about gypsy style is nothing needs to match. You can mix flowers and animals, stripes and plaids, or any other combination you wish – anything goes. A tip for those who may be afraid to dabble in this trend is to search for a variety of patterns in the same color scheme. It’s a playful style that you can’t do incorrectly. Simply go with your feelings and throw in whatever is visually interesting to you and makes you happy.

gypsy boho style for your home lights quilts furiture tableware


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Enjoy the rainbow!

XO Madeleine

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