Get Your Hair Summer Ready with the New Agave Healing Oil Smoothing Line!


With summer just around the corner it’s becoming increasingly more crucial to keep our luscious locks hydrated and protected from the damage inflicted by surf and sun. Oil treatments are great hydration for the hair without making it greasy or too weighed down, and I’ve always been a fan of them to keep my coarse, curly locks silky and smooth. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when we were invited to try the new Agave Healing Oil line, the ONLY plant-based hair oil treatment. Consisting of a Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner, a Healing Oil Treatment and a Healing Oil Smoothing Treatment, the Agave Healing Oil line is derived from the Blue Agave plant, a non-greasy, lightweight formula that is ideal for all hair types, like a universal miracle worker. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to try it!

I arrived at the Mizu Salon in Midtown and was immediately treated to a long, luxurious wash and condition with the Agave Healing Oil Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner. Suitable for all hair types, both products offer superior smoothing and moisturizing benefits to restore and transform hair, making it softer, sleeker and shinier. As the first hair care line formulated with extracts from the Blue Agave plant, results include hair looking noticeably less greasy than traditional nut extracts.


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With a freshly washed mane, I met my expert stylist who told me that the Agave Healing Oil line has been around for some time but for professional use only and it was not available for consumers. Now, luckily for fickle-haired women everywhere, the line will be available at fine salons and professional beauty stores nationwide, and will be available in Sephora Spring 2013. Just another reason to make that weekly Sephora trip!

After towel drying my hair, my stylist worked in some of the Agave Healing Oil Treatment as a pre blow-dry styling product. Also ideal for all hair types – fine, medium or coarse — the Agave plant sugars help nourish, hydrate and smooth hair while also preserving hair color. The Healing Oil Treatment  also hydrates, restores and transforms naturally frizzy hair, improving manageability and intensifies hair color while retaining vibrancy and the lengthening color life. It was definitely a powerful punch packed into a few drops of a tiny bottle and sure enough my hair felt soft and smooth and super lightweight, and this was all before the blow dry!


As my stylist dried my hair, I was introduced to the son of Fernando Romero,  renown hair stylist and President and Founder of Bio Ionic® and Agave Healing Oil. Looking every bit a hair model himself, Romero told me his father was born and raised in Mexico, where the sacred Agave plants survive the heat and dry weather through hydrophilic (water-loving) sugars in their leaves. As a child, his grandmother taught him ancient hair and beauty recipes from natural ingredients such as Agave, Coconut and Vanilla. Coupled with today’s modern technology, Romero created a version of her products to smooth, heal and restore unmanageably frizzy hair. “As a small boy, my grandmother and I would hand-pick ingredients from nature’s garden,” said Fernando. “Rather than use heavier nut extracts in our homemade beauty formulas, she taught me to use lightweight plant extracts that are more beneficial to hair with their weightless, non-greasy, natural–feel.”

 Soon my hair was dry and, after a few quick run-throughs with a flat iron by professional styling tool line Bio Ionic, my hair was glossy, bouncy, satin soft and basically just me, but better. In what seemed like no time at all, I had fallen head over heels in love with this new line of Agave Healing Oil plant-based products and felt like I was armed with the best secret weapon for the coming season. The Agave Healing Oil will be available in Sephora Spring 2013. Please visit and “Like” Agave on Facebook at
Me and my silky new locks with my Bio Ionic expert stylist (left) and Fernando Romero's son.
Me and my silky new locks with my Bio Ionic expert stylist (left) and Fernando Romero’s son.
-Alia Rajput Photo Source: Second City Style,

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