Get A Leg Up On Fall Trends With HUE Leggings

When I was pregnant with my first child I ‘rediscovered’ leggings. Then when was (ahem) trying to lose the baby weight I became obsessed. Leggings were always comfortable. Well now that I have lost the weight, I still love my leggings, I’m just a little more daring in the color and pattern departments. If you are a woman who EVER wears a skirt or dress then you are familiar with HUE tights. They’re everywhere! But did you know they also make a huge assortment of leggings? Trust me, I own about 12 pairs of HUE Leggings. Some look like jeans and some are just plain crazy (leopard). At $28-48 you can dare to try something outside of your comfort zone as well as buy a trusty pair in black just to be safe.
Now if it’s color you’re after, there are 16 (yes, 16!) for you to chose from…or collect!
Check out some of the HUE Leggings For Fall 2012:

HUE Corduroy Leggings

HUE Velvet Leggings

HUE Leopard Print Leggings

HUE Metallic Lacquer Leggings

HUE Microsuede Leggings

HUE Black Double Knit Leggings…the basics

Check out the selection if HUE leggings here.
– Lauren Dimet Waters

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