Fashion Through The Ages: Go 70s Style Once Again!

When you heard that 70s looks were on trend last fall (for the second or is this the third time?) you may have groaned like so many women I know. You may think 70s styling is tacky and retro looks are only for young women. But a little color blocking can be a fresh and flattering way to revisit the trend, which is still going strong for spring. I’m not saying to go full-on color blast like the look from the Balmain Fall 2015 runway. Instead, look to everyone’s favorite 70s style icon, Mary Tyler Moore as Mary Richards for inspiration. We can tell Michael Kors was certainly influenced by Mary with his Pleated Silk Colorblock Dress. You can still look sophisticated with a little bit of color blocking, not to mention how flattering the look can be. The panels will do wonders to camouflage and elongate where there are dark colors and accentuate other areas with light or bright colors. Choose your color blocking wisely and go (subtly) 70s! 1. Balmain Fall 205 RTW, WWD 2. St. John Colorblock Crochet-Striped Dress, $1095 3. Michael Kors Collection Pleated Silk Colorblock Dress, $2975 4. Mary Tyler Moore as Mary Richards in the 70s, 5. Vince Colorblock Intarsia Crew Sweater, now $262.50 6. Vintage 1970s/70s Crew Neck Mod Colorblock Sweater Dress, $78 –Carol Calacci Image Layout: Fountain Of 30

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