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Well, it would seem the general public is not ready for computer generated fashion shows sans models…yet. This past Tuesday and Wednesday, Target held a public fashion show (actually a holographic video that played on a loop) in
Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central and the general public didn’t get it.

According to yesterday’s NYTimes, here were some of the comments:

“It’s overwhelming.”

“It’s ordinary.”

“There’s nothing spectacular about the clothes.”

“Why are we watching a Target commercial?”

“We are French tourists. What is this?”

The models, originally filmed against a green screen, had
been digitally removed so that all that remained were images of clothes
floating around a black stage. Also, there were at least four
uniformed security guards stationed around the stage — protecting whom,

One person commented,“there are all these issues around models and modeling
right now, but I’m not yet ready to replace them with computers. I
still want to see clothes on people, like me.”

Source: NYTimes

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