Your Fall Style Revamp Needs This 

Have you caught up on the latest fall fashion? It’s exciting to see what’s new, especially if you’re thinking about your own style revamp this season. I’m all for adding fresh finds to your wardrobe for an updated look, but what if you didn’t have to spend a dime to do that? What if your latest looks are already in your closet, but you just haven’t found them yet?

Your Fall Style Revamp

I see this all the time with my personal styling clients. They come to me because they’ve gotten stuck in a rut of wearing the same few things. Then they catch a whiff of what’s being shown for the new season, and think it’s what they need to revamp their style. But it’s not. They need something else.

A closet cleanout. 

I know, it’s not glamorous — but based on my experience of styling hundreds of women, a closet cleanout is an essential component of every style revamp. Here’s 3 reasons why you should consider letting go of your old clothing as part of your fall update.


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1. You Probably Already Have Enough Clothes

Have you heard the saying “less is more”? It’s a fundamental principle I use with my styling clients because the truth is that once they declutter their wardrobes, they remove all the unnecessary items that are complicating their style. In other words, they have less clothing but more outfit options!

Think about it: when you get dressed, how many pieces do you pass over before finally settling on something to wear? I know a lot of women who spend too much time trying to figure it out. And it’s because they have too many choices.

steve jobs everyday outfoit black turtleneck and jeans fountainof30

While I don’t believe that wearing the same thing every day is the solution—like Steve Jobs did with his black turtleneck and jeans—I do think that getting rid of a bunch of your unworn clothes will simplify your daily routine of getting dressed. It’ll become easier!

2. Rediscover Hidden Gems

The second reason to consider a closet cleanout is because your cluttered wardrobe could be hiding gems you’ve forgotten about. When you go through your clothes, you might see that you can restyle some old items to go well with other pieces you already have. This doesn’t just breathe new life into buried clothes, it gives you new outfits without having to buy anything new.

stylist elysha lenkin with green dress worn as a coat fountainof30

I recently discovered an army green, linen shirt dress in the back of my closet. I still loved the color and idea of the item, but not as a dress. So I undid the buttons and made it a jacket. Perfect for fall!

Your closet cleanout is not just about saving money; it’s also about turning on your creativity. You might not think of yourself as creative. But Brené Brown said everyone has creativity — they just need to use it. Your closet cleanout is a chance to do that! 

As you rediscover your hidden gems and start experimenting with fresh combinations, you may even have fun! Who knew a closet cleanout could give joy?!?! That’s precisely why this is the best way to revamp your style!

3. Clarify Your Style And Preferences

Think of your closet cleanout as a fashion inventory. It’s your opportunity to take stock of your current style, pinpoint your favorite pieces, and identify those items that no longer match your fashion vibe. This clarity is key for making smart fashion choices that align with your updated aesthetic.

Remember that your refreshed style should reflect who you are now, not who you used to be. Your closet cleanout is an opportunity to let go of the past and create space for the person you’re becoming. Because when your clothes truly reflect who you are, you’re keeping it real, and this will always be your best fashion statement.

Ready to revive your style and clear your outdated clothes? Get the free closet cleanout guide that takes you through the exact process I use with my private clients to help them have less clothes, and more outfit options.

– Elysha Lenkin

Elysha Lenkin is an expert personal fashion stylist who helps women become confident curators of their clothing and style so that they effortlessly get dressed for their next stage of life. Throughout her 20 year career, she has styled women of all shapes, sizes, and ages, including Carrie Underwood, Tina Fey, and Serena Williams.For more style tips and inspiration, head over to Elysha’s website here or follow her on instagram @elysha_nyc.

Photos: Steve Jobs: Forbes  | Illustrations: Istock | Selfie: Elysha Lenkin

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