My Experience With Ultherapy: Before And After

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My neck. I started noticing the first signs of the dreaded turkey neck about 3 years ago. How could it be? I take great care of my skin, stay out of the sun (now), wear sunscreen anyway, sleep on my back on a silk pillowcase just in case I roll over, so how could this be happening? Oh yes, middle age. Dreadful middle age. One of the first things women complain to me about is their neck…and crow’s feet but the neck is really bothersome. I get it. God forbid my phone camera is flipped around and I get a shocking glimpse of myself looking down. It’s enough to send me to a therapist.

So I have made it my mission to see what can be done for the neck besides a surgical lift. Don’t get me wrong, I am willing to go there, but not until I need my whole face done because I would prefer one surgery and I’m not ready yet. Going under the knife is drastic and it’s a major surgery. There are now so many non-invasive treatments available to stave off surgery in the face, but what about the neck?


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I was aware of Ultherapy – because who can forget those stunning ads with Christie Brinkley?  She’s ageless, but what about the rest of us mere mortals? Yet, I have to admit I wanted to know if it really did anything for the average woman like myself. If you follow me on Instagram (and you should) you will know I tried Ultherapy on my neck and jowls a little over 6 months ago. Now it’s time for my unveiling. But first…

What Is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared non-invasive treatments for lifting and tightening the brow, neck, and chin.  It’s a popular alternative for those not ready for a facelift or surgical brow lift, and is ideal for addressing skin laxity and loose skin. Ultherapy triggers skin’s natural renewal processes by reactivating our collagen production which diminishes greatly as we age. The best part is that the treatments are quick, scientifically proven, and results look totally natural.

How Does Ultherapy Work?

Ultherapy uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology in two distinct ways. During the in-office procedure your licensed technician or doctor uses ultrasound imaging to view and target specific layers of your skin tissue. The procedure is then individualized and customized to address the specific concerns your skin alone. This treatment uses ultrasound energy on the targeted area(s), to trigger the production of new elastin and collagen, to help rebuild the skin’s framework, tightening and lifting the skin from within.

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My Ultherapy Experience

I met with Dr. Doyle at Russak Dermatology in NYC for an initial consultation. We agreed that the skin around my neck is loosening, and it appeared that sagging skin around my face was making me look a bit “jowly.” My defined jawline? It was pretty much gone.

I booked my appointment for a couple weeks later and was ready to go. The entire procedure took about an hour. Does it hurt? I’m not going to lie. It does a bit, but I received pain management which really helped. When I was done, I put on some sunscreen and left the office to ride the train. I was a little red, but presentable. For about the next 5 days I felt like I had a minor sunburn and had a little facial tightness. I was eager to see my results, but you have to be patient because they are gradual.

before ultherapy lauren dimet waters fountainof30
after 1 month Lauern Dimet Waters fountainof30

In the meantime, I had spinal surgery and while I was recovering I swear I could feel the skin in my neck tightening. I was healing everywhere! At the 3 month mark I went back to Dr. Doyle to check on my progress, which was coming along nicely. We compared the before and after photos and after this one treatment there was a subtle yet pretty remarkable difference! Not only was my neck tighter, my jawline was back! I was actually more thrilled about that. At the 6-month mark (after the new collagen continued to work to lift and tighten my skin further) I noticed an even bigger difference, and it keeps getting better with time – which is the exact opposite of what time normally does for me.

What Is Ultherapy after 3 months jawline fountainof30
after 6 months lauren Dimet Waters fountainof30

A Milestone Year

This past year has been a giant milestone for me since I had to undergo surgery and get back to my normal life. Finally, I can say I feel more like myself, if not better. Mentally I’m back to my fighting mode! Thanks to Ultherapy, things that bothered me about aging like my neck were addressed. Not only that but I also have a high school class reunion coming up, and I want to look my best.

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