Evidently You're Never Too Old To Start Streeking

Look, it’s no secret there are times where my husband and even I am convinced I am really a 14 year-old trapped in a (ahem) much older body. Case in point? My recent desire/need to put some wild streaks of color in my hair. So imagine my joy when I opened a package containing a bottle of purple Streekers! I waited all of 3 seconds to apply it to some strands of hair totally forgetting it was New York Fashion Week. Good thing my hair is dark enough it didn’t pop too brightly. However, if you are blonde you may want to time using this a little better. That said I loved it! I can be wild for a few days and then wash it right out of my hair….like that man!
If you are looking to add a little excitement to your hair or want to match it to those bright red patent pumps you had to buy…you can now change your hair color as easily as you change your mind. Each Streekers shade comes in a compact, sleek bottle with a soft-tip applicator that ensures precise and easy application. Unlike other temporary hair colors like gels and sprays, Streekers hair color bonds to the hair, so you can brush your hair without dulling the color or flaking it off.
Simply apply Streekers on small sections of dry hair, from root to tip and allow it to dry (which is mere minutes). Styling products can be used prior to applying Streekers and hair spray can be used over it. For 2-3 color effects, wait a minute between colors. The lighter your hair, the more vibrant the color! Just shampoo to remove, but be warned, it took me two shampoos to get all the color out.
Streekers (Pink, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Green, and Ultra Violet), $11.95
Also available at ULTA and streekers.com.
– Lauren Dimet Waters
Disclosure: Sample provided for review.

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