The Thing I Am Loving Today: Gryphon Candy Dots Trench Coat


Gryphon Candy Dots Trench Coat

It takes a lot to make me flip for a rain coat or trench. In fact, I have not had one I have really liked in years. About 8 years ago while I was living in Chicago my favorite and limited-edition Burberry trench was ruined by a rogue lit cigarette that came in through the cracked window of my car (it wasn’t mine, I don’t smoke). It smoldered on my trench laying on the backseat for possibly hours. My car didn’t ignite, but my beloved trench was ruined. I have not been able to replace it with anything I like nearly as much.
Yesterday I was shooting a video for an upcoming project when my beautiful friend Felicia Walker Benson from This That Beauty entered the room to shoot her segment in a jaw-dropping gorgeous trench. I immediately drooled and had to know the make. Gryphon New York it turns out. So anyone who knows me can only imagine I was on the hunt as soon as I walked in my door and could jump on my computer!
Gryphon Candy Dots Trench Coat is a classic double-breasted trench coat body with contrasting black beaded sleeves. The pictures don’t do it justice. In person it is a showstopper. It has button epaulet details on the shoulders and polished metal buttons that fasten in the front. I am one smitten kitten. Now bring on the rain!
Gryphon Candy Dots Trench Coat, $645
– Lauren Dimet Waters

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