Beauty: Goody's New QUIKSTYLE Half-Round Brush Removes Water From Hair

I just had the opportunity to check out the NEW! Goody® QUIKSTYLE™ Half-Round Brush hitting shelves this October. On the heels of the best-selling QUIKSTYLE Paddle Brush, the new Half-Round shape has been designed to deliver smooth, luxurious blowouts while still removing 30% of water from hair.
So now you can go from wet to beautifully styled hair faster than ever! Brilliant! The time it takes to blow dry and style is the number one frustration women report when it comes to their hair routines, yet 70% of women regularly dry their hair and continue on with at least one heat styling process. Who has that kind of time? I don’t.
The Goody QUIKSTYLE Half-Round Styling Brush is comprised of absorbent microfiber bristles that interact with wet hair like a towel removing 30% of water, while the half-round shape is the perfect blow out brush. Use it out of the shower with your blow dryer to detangle, remove excess water, and deliver smooth blow-outs. The convex shape allows hair to curl around the microfiber base, removing water while adding lift and body.
Goody QUIKSTYLE Half-Round Styling Brush, $11.99 – will be available October 2012 at Target.
– Lauren Dimet Waters
Disclosure: Sample received for review.

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