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Seems like the summer season snuck up on us all, didn’t it? From 50 to 100 (degrees) seemingly overnight. It’s not like we really even had time to switch out our closet wardrobe for the update. Once again, maybe you’ll have time to do some next weekend but you might need some cute pieces in the meantime. Get a little easy breezy summer style. Grab an off-the-shoulder dress or maybe an adorable lace piece that easily travels from day to night.

Don’t forget, summer is not just about having a new wardrobe. You still have to make sure your look is on point. As hot as it can get, you want to make sure you’re wearing as little as you can on your face so you won’t sweat it off. This includes making sure you have a good summer skincare regimen at night so you can wake up fresh faced in the morning. Add in a lightweight serum for a clean look so you can just toss on mascara (or false lashes if you’re feeling frisky) and lip gloss for a quick getaway.

Feeling like the heat is really getting to you? Maybe you might want to travel to someplace a little cooler? Iceland is perfect for chilling and relaxing. At its hottest point in the summer in August only gets up to the mid-80s, which is a little different from our 100 degree sauna.


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You can be ready for the summer lickety-split – you just gotta know what pieces to grab (or which tickets to book)!

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Pictured Above (from left to right):

Parrots & Palm Wallpaper, $28.99

ASOS Lace Minidress, $119

Lilly Lashes ‘Goddess’, $21

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, $227.27

TMS Sydney Bench, now $191.99

Good Living Eyebrow Razor, $6.21

Grown Alchemist ‘Watermelon & Vanilla’ Lip Balm, $23

AdaM Hotel, now from $236/night

– Taneisha Jordan Willour

Image Layout: Fountain Of 30


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