Creating A Signature Look: How To Stand Out Now And Forever

There’s one thing that nearly all fashion icons have in common, and that is their particular signature pieces that will always be associated with them: Grace and her Hermes Kelly bag; Coco Chanel and her jackets, quilted bags and pearls; Jackie O’Nassis and her sunglasses; Diane Von Furstenberg and her wrap dresses; Audrey Hepburn and her slim black pants; Iris Apfel and her piles of accessories; and Edie Sedgwick and her tights, chandelier earrings and eye makeup. Yet you don’t need to be famous to have a signature item or style – and in fact, it doesn’t need to be overt at all. Here are some unexpected ways to create a personal look that your friends and family immediately associate with you… Fragrance: You are never too young or too old to choose a perfume that’s a lifelong favorite that makes everyone in your life think of you – so start early and stock up. Hint: choose something relatively classic so that it is less likely to disappear or be discontinued. For instance, Coco by Chanel is a little naughty and unexpected, but still classically elegant. Color: If you have a favorite or most flattering color, find an easy way to incorporate it into every outfit, whether it is a main piece like a coat, pants, or a basic sweater like this cashmere crewneck from C by Bloomingdales, or something smaller like a statement ring or scarf. Type Of Accessory:  You don’t need to always wear the same item, but if you always wear a bunch of rings, long dangly earrings similar to this neutral but sparkly pair from BaubleBar, silk or cashmere scarves, or something else that’s a constant (even a particular shade of lipstick or smokey eye), it’ll become your signature almost involuntarily. Silhouette: Whether you like a cinched waist, skinny pants, or a lot of slouchy volume all over, having a distinctive shape that you usually wear will help people spot you from a distance  and make your figure even more fabulous. That said, the one thing that we can all use an adjustable and perfect belt, like this Michael Kors number in black or luggage brown depending on your wardrobe’s color scheme (the charm comes off). Handbag(s): We firmly believe that there is nothing wrong with spending a lot of money on a handbag if you really, truly love it. After all, you probably carry it every day, making the cost-per-wear minimal. And think of Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin with their eponymous Hermes bags, and all the other stars whose bags have achieved iconic status. Footwear: Some of us are committed to high heels, some of us are strictly flats-only, and the rest like something in between. If you’re strongly in favor of one or the other, consider picking your favorite style (e.g. ballet flats, ankle boots like these olive-brown suede ones by Joie, smoking slippers, pumps, etc.) for your daily look. Collections: Whether you travel or like to scour your hometown for locally made treasures (or a combination of both), picking something like bracelets, necklaces, handbags, scarves, etc. and wearing them on a regular basis can be a great defining feature of your style. These Amazonite and sterling silver earrings are handmade in Mexico and fit the bill perfectly. Haircut or Color: While a perfect coiffure is perpetually part of a polished ensemble, having a consistent cut and/or color is one way to make sure that everyone recognizes you no matter where you go, especially if it is distinctive and remarkable. Interior Decor: This isn’t necessarily clothing (obviously) but your house shows off an awful lot about your personal style – almost more than your wardrobe, since your home is your haven. Do you like a particular style, a color scheme, or are you more eclectic? Invest as much in your place as you do in your wardrobe if you’re settled there – it is where you spend most of your time, after all. So now it’s your turn – what your style signatures? Pictured Above 1. Chanel Coco Eau De Parfum Spray, $124 2. Baublebar Niagara Drops, $34 3. C by Bloomingdale’s Dolman Sleeve Cashmere Sweater, $188 4. MICHAEL Michael Kors Logo Charm Leather Belt, $48 5. Hermès Vintage 28 ‘Kelly’ Bag, $7,149 6. Joie Dalton Suede Ankle Boots, $325 7. Sterling Silver and Composite Amazonite Earrings from Mexico ‘Golden Sea Currents’, $64  – Jacqueline Zenn Image Layout: Fountain Of 30    

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