Cool Jewelry Site!

Wed, 2006-06-21 14:00

Looking for original jewelry pieces that won’t break the bank? offers high-fashion jewelry in one convenient place. This community of young, up-and-coming, jewelry designers was founded in 2005 by New York based designer Chanelle Keane, who goes by the nickname Koko Von Kuhn. The site highlights young designers from across the globe. Hailing from diverse backgrounds and countries from Korea to the Netherlands, each one brings their own distinct aesthetic sensibility.

Designers go through an intense selection process and the site is updated continuously. Those looking for a unique piece are guaranteed quality. Each piece is hand-crafted upon order and the item is inspected by Keane to ensure it represents the premium character of

Prices range from as little as $35 to $400, to accommodate a wide variety of tastes and budgets. “”

Cool Jewelry Site!

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