Punk Rock Mommy Needs a Temporary Make-Over!

Punk Rock Mommy Needs a Temporary Make-Over!

Punk Rock Mommy Needs a Temporary Make-Over!

Mon, 2006-07-03 03:00

Dear Ms. Bean,

What can a punk rock girl wear to her husband’s family reunion in Dallas where the vibe is conservative, religious, and a humid 110 degrees? I’m a student and have a baby, so things need to be affordable and versatile.


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Rock and Roll Mommy

Dear RRM,

Your counter-culture side must be dying to rebel in that straitlaced environment — I know mine would! But you seem to know when to defer to tradition. Very classy. Just don’t run to Lily Pulitzer yet! You can fit in and keep your edge by following the guidelines that Joan Jett and I came up with last night. First, your tattoos should be hidden. I know some are really cute, but sorry, cover up! Second, although the skull and cross bones emblem is quite fashionable, it is not a suitable motif for a Christian family photo. Third, you tote a creature that drools and poops and makes you lean over and squat. Let’s think washable cottons and nothing too fancy. Here are some ideas…

Click on Couture Candy (www.couturecandy.com) for the Fran skirt by Saint Grace. Made of super soft stretch cotton, the fold over design is perfect for post-baby tummies. (You can make the waist higher or lower depending on your preference.) Also check out their Capri pant in black, which may be better for lolling around on the floor with the little one.

Next, visit LaRedoute (www.us.redoute.com), a French company that mercifully supplies us Americans with chic European treasures. Their prices are amazing! This René Derhy top is elegant, interesting, and would provide tattoo coverage without appearing too prim. For tees, check out Macy’s (www.macys.com). They also have great prices and a good selection.

In the city, go to H&M (Michigan Avenue) for hip clothing and accessories. But I warn you, do not go on a Saturday. The lines are ridiculously long and you may end up cursing tourists and swearing off the Mag Mile forever.

After your week of bible study and non-alcoholic beverages, you deserve a break. Once home, phone the babysitter and then hail a cab. Head straight to Delilah’s for a whiskey sour with two cherries and a game of pool with your hubby. Rack ‘em up and rock on mama!

Saint Grace “Fran� Fold Over Skirt from www.couturecandy.com

Saint Grace Eden Knicker from www.couturecandy.com

Scarf neckline Tee by René Derhy from www.us.roudoute.com

INC International Cap Sleeve Striped Tunic from Macy’s (www.macys.com).

Sugar Polka Dot Mary Jane from www.urbanoutiftters.com.

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