Converse Sues Retailers & Designers Over Copycat Shoes

Converse first began selling their iconic Chuck Taylor sneakers back in 1917 and has sold over one billion pairs since. Today the company is owned by clothing behemoth, Nike they want to put a stop to the numerous imposters. Converse discharged the legal assault on Tuesday and has accused 31 manufacturers and retailers including; WalMart, Sketchers, Kmart, Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren and H&M, of stealing the design of its sneakers. The lawsuits have now occurred after the company delivered about 180 letters over the past few years asking the retailers to stop selling shoes that imitated theirs.H&M Sneakers
Converse feels the retailers selling imitation shoes have caused the company “substantial and irreparable injury” by destroying its famous brand name and confusing consumers. In addition to seeking compensation, Converse wants the defendants prohibited from selling copycat products and forced to destroy the items and all related advertising.
– Sia Richards
Source: CNN
Photos: Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply (top photo) and H&M

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