Nature Artist Simon Beck Visits Icebreaker Merino In Chicago

Simon-Beck-Icebreaker The New Zealand based merino wool outdoor and sports clothing store Icebreaker launched their first collaboration: Simon Beck for Icebreaker. The man behind the collaboration, nature artist Simon Beck, visited Icebreaker Merino on Walton in Chicago last week to celebrate this exciting new line! Simon’s artwork of extraordinary patterns are created with his feet in the snow and sand. The patterns are  then printed on a collection of t-shirts, hoodies and underwear for both women and men in Icebreaker Merino. Simon makes it sound like no big deal to complete these huge patterns (with his feet) that take all day and can be gone the next. “That’s why the photographs are important,” says Simon. He feels he is more of an engineer and uses a compass to navigate the paths. First he makes a sketch and then he stomps away with snowshoes. See this amazing video about how he does it!
Simon Beck for Icebreaker Blue V neck
Look at this flattering Simon Beck for Icebreaker V neck top!
Simon’s patterns and Icebreaker Merino make a perfect combination! Most of Icebreaker’s apparel is made of merino wool, which is built for extremes so it’s breathable in summer and insulating in winter. Icebreaker fuses nature and technology to create merino layers for the outdoors, for performance sports and to wear around the city. Polyester is petroleum based (and can get stinky) and cotton will make you freeze when it gets wet. That’s why merino is the answer because it’s soft, non-itch and keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the heat. These pieces are very fashionable, the cuts are flattering and they come in great colors and neutrals. Simon Beck’s patterns are both dramatic and understated with their tone-on-tone effect, much like the shadows of his nature art.
Icebreaker Merino in bright colors
Simon Beck Icebreaker hoodie, snow pattern
This snow pattern by Simon Beck makes this hoodie extra cool!
Merino Underwear? You bet! This set is soft and comfy!
nature artist Simon Beck and Carol Calacci
I met the amazing nature artist Simon Beck.
Shop Simon Beck for Icebreaker online and in stores. Visit Icebreaker TouchLab Chicago  |  44 East Walton Street   |  Chicago, IL 60611  |  312-397-1440 – Carol Calacci Photos: Second City Style

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