Coming Soon?: Gucci Family Movie


Hollywood producer Ridley Scott is setting eyes on his next project: a movie documenting the infamous Gucci family.

He has recently finished "Robin Hood" with Russell Crowe and is hoping to wrap the filming of this untitled Gucci project by the end of next summer for a 2011 release.


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"Well, we have a script, it's kind of getting there," Scott told WWD at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art’s gala on Saturday night. The first step is to "get the script absolutely right."

Despite big star casting rumors (including Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie), Scott explained that it's too early to determine who will star. The story will revolve around the "history of the family and how it evolved.”

Thankfully, Scott is not going on speculation and hearsay of the family alone. He is doing all of his homework to capture the essence of the Guccis. He is doing this with the help of his girlfriend Giannina Facio. The project was initiated by Facio, a Costa Rican actress of Italian descent who shares producer duties on the Gucci biopic.“I went and met with all the Gucci members. We read memoirs,” Facio said.

Will it be the full history of the Gucci family? Don't be surprised if it is not. Patrizia Gucci, Maurizio Gucci's cousin, has been telling Italian newspapers she feels betrayed by Facio, who, she says, assured them it would be more a piece of Gucci hagiography. "Scott had assured us that it would not be a scandalistic movie," Patrizia Gucci told Corriere della Sera."This is not an authorized movie and we will try to block it if it is offensive."

Already drama before the movie even starts casting? Not surprising. Either way, I think we are all dying to see this movie. 2011 cannot come fast enough!

-Taneisha Jordan

Source: WWD, Variety

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