Chicago: Stephen Webster’s Murder She Wrote Mystery Event – Neiman Marcus

Stephen Webster with guest Diane Vukas
Stephen Webster’s Murder She Wrote mystery event at Neiman Marcus was anything but ordinary; it was an evening filled with intrigue, chicanery (very chic) and skullduggery (a few of Webster’s collections include skulls). What would you expect from an international jewelry designer who looks like a swinging rock star, talks with a British accent, and designs jewelry for the stars including Christina Aguilera, Sir Elton John, Kate Moss, and Madonna? The party was held in the Zodiac Room at Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue. To introduce his latest collection, “Murder She Wrote,” Webster set up a murder mystery “whodunit?” As guests entered the room, the first thing they encountered was James Blond’s (yes Blond, not Bond) “dead” body lying on a large ottoman, with a six-inch Christian Louboutin stiletto stabbed into his heart. Five other clues were lying near the body. The six femme fatale suspects, all adorned in luxurious furs produced by Zandra Rhodes exclusively for Neiman Marcus, were all employed by Blond.  They included Miss Red, the secretary; Miss Bleach, the maid; Miss Raven, the chauffeur; Miss Doolittle, the bodyguard; Miss Teak, the psychic; and Miss Aisle, the chef.  The potential murderesses were all seated at tables around the room, appearing innocent and hoping to avoid arrest.
Miss Doolittle
Guests were invited to look for clues and place their vote for who they thought committed the murder. As the mystery unfolded, Blond’s chauffeur Miss Raven was found guilty. It turns out she inadvertently committed the murder upon learning that the chandelier earrings she received from Blond were cheap fakes – and not made by Stephen Webster. She was so angry that she launched an earring at Blond, which he swallowed whole and then he choked to death. The guest who solved the mystery won a limited edition Stephen Webster signed print featuring the jewelry designs of the current collection.
Miss Raven
The collection Murder She Wrote was inspired by mythical and real characters who were adventurous and outrageously brave women. The “It Started with Eve” cocktail ring collection includes a Bonnie Parker ring that represents an explosion; a Poisonous Apple offered by Eve’s two hands; a Bette Paige ring that represents bondage with chain with a padlock; a Temptation of Eve two-finger ring with a serpent and apple; a Bloody Mary (Mary Queen of Scots) ring that represents fire and explosion; and last but not least, the crème de la crème – the Black Swan ring designed with a swan’s neck wrapped around tanzanite (retail price: $95,000).   My favorite piece of the collection – a diamond and 18-karat white gold Stingray and black opal quartz “Bang” cuff which retails for $16,000 (LOVE IT)! As Webster stated, “You may as well start as you mean to carry on; with a BANG, not a whimper.” The collection appeals to the women who know how to get what they want. Enough said… – Cindy Burns Photos: Second City Style and Stephen Webster  

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