Celebrity Style: Try This Look At Home! Kerry Washington, America Ferrera, Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett

Fashion Kerry Washington, Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett
The thing about celebrities is that they seem to have a life of which the average person can only dream. They get luxuries like houses, cars and fashion designers begging them to wear their latest designs. Regardless of what they pay for their clothes (or whether they get them for free) the true fashionistas not only wear trends but start them. The following fashionable celebrities are wearing trends that you, too, can wear at home, even on the average person’s salary.
Kerry Washington in Colorful Print

Kerry Washington has become one to watch for upcoming trends because she likes to wear color and prints but isn’t over-the-top about her fashion. Even while pregnant she showed women around the world that you don’t have to go too tight OR forget about style to look good before having a baby. Her looks, because they do not go overboard, are ones you can totally copy at home, like this Sportmax dress with black top and print skirt matched with orange cap-toe Louboutin pumps and a berry lip that makes the colors totally pop.
America Ferrera in Leopard
While I don’t especially love America Ferrera‘s leopard dress, I do like she’s working what’s often seen as a youthful style with a more mature silhouette. The long and flowing frock looks extremely colorful and the leather belt adds a nice touch. Ferrera proves that this trend can be worn at any age. You’ll want to copy the silhouette or the trend (or both!) at home.
Angelina Jolie in Palazzo Pants
One person who has learned to not only dress for her body, but do so in an age-appropriate fashion without losing her sense of style is Angelina Jolie. Gone are the days where black leather is all she wore, though black is still in her wardrobe. Jolie has grown up and with that, her style has, too.  While you may not necessarily want to go for palazzo pants, especially if you have a curvier frame, pay close attention to the pleated gray texture on the trousers and the white neck tie blouse by Michael Kors.
Cate Blanchett in Midi Floral 
A midi design has a great silhouette – it covers the knee midway down the shin and is modest but not overtly conservative. It’s sort of the way to take the maxi trend to a whole new level. When combining it with a print, it’s a way to be trendy, but age-appropriate. That’s why Cate Blanchett, an obvious fashionista who knows how to wear unique silhouettes, wears the look so perfectly when she combines it with a floral pattern and bell sleeves. Even if you don’t own Chanel like Cate does, you’ll want to try this look at home.
–Simona Kogan
Photos:  (left to right): Kerry Washington, Dailymail.co.uk | America Ferrera, People.com | Angelina Jolie, People.com |  Cate Blanchett, The Sydney Morning Herald smh.com.au
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