Celebrity Style: The Return of BIG Florals 

If you’ve read Celebrity Style articles at Second City Style in the past, you know I’m a big fan of celebs in florals. Whether it’s colorful or dark, bold or bright – celebs and florals go together like a t-shirt and jeans. OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Nevertheless, the floral trend is definitely something that the biggest celeb fashionistas have tried and conquered virtually every season.

Now that the trend is back (I mean, did it ever really go?) there’s a new way of wearing florals that’s truly caught my eye and I’d like to report on it for the stylish women over 30 here at Fountain of 30. And I don’t mean wearing it on pants or skirts or even wearing it dark or light. I’m talking about big and bold flowers that take over their ensembles with just the right touch of pretty power.

Let’s check out the celebrities that make this beautiful trend work.


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Lauren Conrad (Floral Sleeveless)

This sleeveless Alice + Olivia sheath is one of the best big floral sheaths I’ve seen in a long time! Embroidery works wonders when it comes to big, bold and beautiful. Lauren Conrad also picked a beautiful silhouette for her figure, and it fits her perfectly. Everything works here — the texture, the color combination and the fit. I’m in love!

Kerry Washington (Floral High Neck) 

When Kim Kardashian wore high neck Givenchy floral to the Met Gala, she didn’t do it right. Kerry Washington, however, does. It’s about wearing just the right amount of high neck (her sleeves still show skin) and about the right type of floral color combination (thank you Erdem!). After all, if you’re going to go for full-on coverage, you’re going to have to think about how you do it. Her shoes are bare and minimal and her dress is not too long. Now this is the kind of floral high-neck look I like to see!

Emilia Clarke (Floral Strapless)

This could have been a plain black strapless dress. Nothing is wrong with that. But then Dolce & Gabbana come in and work wonders with a floral print that certainly makes a statement! This embroidered strapless gown is magical and hones in on the trend perfectly. That’s all I have to say about that.

Jane Krakowski (Floral Skirt)

Major style points go out to Jane Krakowski in this color blocked look featuring big red and pink florals.  I’m not sure I love the coral sandals, but the overall ensemble works well.

Demi Lovato (Floral Pants)

At first glance, Demi Lovato’s floral Etro pants look somewhat tropical. Adding that black Zimmerman blazer and the black top was the right touch and turned this graphic island look into something much more edgy. Which is exactly what you want to do when you’re Demi Lovato and you want to surprise people and be a fashion winner.

–Simona Shemer

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Photos: People.com

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