Celebrity Style Smackdown Featuring: Kate Middelton, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Longoria & Victoria Beckham

And here we go…
Eva Longoria v. Victoria Beckham in duh, Victoria Beckham
Winner: Man, it must suck to be knocked out by your own fist! Yet, Eva Longoria rocked her Victoria Beckham dress better than Victoria Beckham. The soft color is better against Eva’s skintone whereas Victoria looks washed out. Also the half up, half down hairstyle is more flattering. As is a SMILE! Does Victoria ever smile? Does she know how?
Angelina Jolie v. Kate Middelton in Jenny Packham
Winner: This is a tough call since Angelina Jolie is so damn gorgeous, we hate her. Yet, when going up against royalty you definitely have to bring your A game and train hard. Those two in a ring together is almost as good as Angelina and Jennifer Aniston going at it, but I digress. You would think all Angelina has to do is toss on a paper bag and show up, yet…she loses in this case to Kate Middelton. Why? The metallic color allows you to see the gorgeous draping across the top. You just can’t really see it on Angelina’s gown. Secondly, that ribbon belt is meant to be worn on the side. Kate nailed it.
Ciara v. Eva Green in Emilio Pucci
Winner: Yikes. Who invited Elvira? Eva Green looks like she is ready to drink blood. Ciara wins if for nothing else, her choice in shoes. Eva’s just don’t work with this busy lace. The shoe should be really simple…like the Louboutins on the left.
Rosario Dawson v. Leona Lewis in Diane von Furstenberg
Winner: While Leona Lewis is looking fierce these days. She lost after a few rounds to seasoned vet Rosario Dawson. The dress fits her better and doesn’t cut her boobs in half (don’t worry Leona, frankly the dress would look the same on me these days too.) It’s all about the long dress and longer slit so Rosario nails it. The sash also looks better tied in front.
Tiffany Hines v. Karina Smirinoff in Bebe
Winner: This is a tough call since I seriously feel anyone over the age of 22 should not wear Bebe and am even more surprised it has turned up on 2 red carpets. However, this dress is surprisingly not as bad as most of their clothes. That said, Tiffany Hines looks better than Karina Smirinoff. Her shoe choice makes more sense as does her hair. Karina’s hair is a hot mess. Not to mention her arms, while well-defined, scare me.
Kelly Bensimon v. Kelly Rutherford in Ramy Brook
Winner: I am going to say neither. Why? Both of these women are over 40. And while they both look FABULOUS, this short of a dress is just not cool. Don’t get me wrong, Kelly Bensimon we all know has banging legs, but really? A couple more inches of dress would not have killed her and she could have sat down. Oh, and don’t think just because you wear a too short dress/skirt with black opaques you are going to fool anyone. Hear that Kelly Rutherford?
SJP v. Alexa Chung in Proenza Schouler
Winner: Sarah Jessica Parker wins because she is our Carrie Bradshaw and can get away with looking crazy. But that’s the ONLY reason. I hate this dress on so many levels. I guess I just don’t get Proenza Schouler. I know everyone thinks they are brilliant, but it escapes me. Alexa Chung just looks ridiculous, and I’m not just referring to the crazy look in her eyes! – Lauren Dimet Waters Images: People.com

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