Celebrity Style: Celebs Who Get Color Blocking Right

Ahh, the art of color blocking. It’s a most interesting fashion trend that celebrities use to add bold color to their wardrobe. But it can get intense. In fact, the legendary Vogue magazine once included an article online called “How to Color Block Without Looking Crazy.” Because the fact is, once you start mixing color into your wardrobe, it’s quite easy to go overboard.

Vogue suggests picking secondary hues that are positioned across from each other on the color wheel. I, on the other hand, just do what these celebs did.

Demi Lovato – The Black and White Effect

Demi Lovato has certainly grown up in front of our eyes, and so has her fashion. Gone are the Disney days and in their place, an edgier fashion that makes a statement. Is it pants? Is it a skirt? Who can tell? That’s the magic of color blocking in the right places. These Cushnie et Ochs high-waist trousers are the epitome of statement fashion, with color blocking at its forefront.


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Kerry Washington – Complementary Colors

Color blocking with colors that are complementary like pink and red prove to be a win for Kerry Washington and a win for designer Fausto Puglisi, who created this delicate number, that is pretty and posh without making super dramatic or risk-taking. It does the trick, though.

Victoria Beckham – Balancing Out

Victoria Beckham in a color other than black? Who would have ever thought? I certainly never came to expect it. But her own Victoria Beckham label is now including colors like orange and pink, so she must, of course, promote the brand in the best way she knows how, by wearing the clothes herself. Whatever her case for wearing such bold colors, I especially like the way the colors play off each other, and how that camel coat balances out the whole look.

Zoe Saldana – A Subdued Way to Color Block

The best kind of color block doesn’t always have to be the most statement-making kind. Perhaps just wearing a burst of color in a not-so-obvious location is the way to go. See Zoe Saldana in a black dress with blue satin sleeves. The blue on the balloon sleeves of this Roksanda dress is a great way to showcase the label’s popular color black designs in a direction that deviates from the normal in a great way.

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– Simona Shemer

Photos: Demi Lovato, Cushnieetochs.com  |  Kerry Washington, Tomandlorenzo.com  |  Victoria Beckham, Footwearnews.com  |  Zoe Saldana, People.com

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