Celebrity Style: 5 Of The Most Outstanding Looks Of The Week

It’s been a good week in the celebrity style department. From Lady Gaga’s purple cape dress to Tracee Ellis Ross as a blue feathered wonder, the standout outfits this week made an impact without being overtly sexy or trying too hard. Every statement-making outfit was over-the-top somehow, yet there was always a good reason for the fashionista to wear it. Here are the most standout celebrity looks of the week.

Standout Celebrity Looks Of The Week

I don’t necessarily mean try this at home (or maybe DO, there’s Instagram now!) but it’s always fun to play with bright, sculpted, high-fashion looks for the right occasion (or the right photo).

I thought these celebrity looks were unique and unexpected, innovative and striking. Or maybe they were too much? What did you think?


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look of the week Tracee Ellis Ross blue feathers fountainof30

Looks Of The Week: Tracee Ellis Ross

I’ve written plenty of blog posts about the fashion genius that is Tracee Ellis Ross. So I’m not surprised by this feathery wonder she donned thanks to her stylists Karla Welch and Daniel Lee, creative director of Bottega Veneta. One could argue that there’s so much risk with the blue feathered look but at the same time, Ross wore it for Instagram only. I honestly wonder what the feathered long-sleeve top with pants would look like if she didn’t pose sitting down. And of course, she found the perfect background. Instagram makes everything better, doesn’t it?

Here’s what Ross does best – she knows how to have fun with fashion. And we could all use a little fun right now, even if that means pre-fall Bottega Veneta.

“Thank you for making this fantastical feathery ‘fit for me!!!” she captioned the photo, “I HEART FASHION! I REALLY HEART FASHION GIFTS!!” Don’t we all, Tracee? Don’t we all.

Anne Hathaway lavender prada gown standout look fountainof30

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has had to have many virtual red carpet appearances on Instagram since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, she had another one, celebrating both the 20th anniversary of Disney’s The Princess Diaries and the 15th anniversary of The Devil Wears Prada. Ms. Hathaway has changed a lot since both movies. She was only 19 when The Princess Diaries came out, and in this instance, change is good. Anne’s fashion choices have only improved and nowhere is that more evident than this Prada gown, which is so spectacular! It’s confectionery high fashion works for both movies.

Anne Hathaway’s looks are always so versatile. She can do romantic and feminine one minute and menswear femme the next. For this milestone, the custom-made Prada in violet accented by silver gems and jewels speaks volumes without Anne ever having to say a word.

lady gaga purple cape dress standout looks of the week fountainof30

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has never been one to disappoint in the name of fashion. In fact, sometimes I get disappointed when I see her looking normal and not in a statement-making look. She surely didn’t disappoint in a week of fashion across Manhattan, when she was in town to perform with 95-year old American singing legend Tony Bennett at Radio City Music Hall.

Watching Gaga don looks from Georges Hobeika, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Andrew Gn were a treat, but it was the purple Valentino cape dress that did it for me. It wasn’t only the lavender gauze and crêpe de chine cape-dress that impressed me. It was the way it was styled, with white gloves, Marc Jacobs ski sunglasses and that Philip Treacy ostrich feather masterpiece on her head. It was Lady Gaga as we know Lady Gaga – in her statement-making finest.

I’m reminded of one of Meghan Markle’s fashion moments, when she wore a bold red Valentino cape dress to meet key leaders in Morocco. It was an exquisite moment for the then-pregnant former royal. Lady Gaga, of course, ups the ante every time and you wonder if she can ever outdo herself. Well, she has.

Kate Beckinsale in orange gown Rasario standout look fountainof30

Kate Beckinsale

Many of the celebs who attended the LA premiere of the new movie The Suicide Squad were photographed in black or white on the red carpet. Celebs like Margot Robbie and Jai Courtney wore white. Lesley Grace and Lesley-Ann Brandt wore black.

Kate Beckinsale? Well, she wore orange.

Never one to be ignored, I’m not surprised the stunning actress chose this look, although I do think the volume sleeves are a bit demure for the Pearl Harbor actress. But I do love them nonetheless. The draping and the bold color of this Rasario dress is striking and exactly what I wanted to see from Kate.

Eiza Gonzalez in green origami Del Core gown fountainof30

Eiza Gonzalez

Eiza Gonzalez wore a stunning, sculpted green and white gown by Del Core to the 4th LuisaViaRoma for UNICEF charity event held in the magical Certosa San Giacomo of Capri, Italy. I’m always a fan of celebs who can pull off wearable art looks. This fascinating piece, which looks like a gown with a number of fans as a centerpiece, is high on my list right now.

One might beg to differ, arguing that this gown is over-the-top or that it looks like origami gone wrong. I think only certain fashionistas can wear it, and Eiza is one of them.

Of course it’s also about attitude and in Eiza’s case, she’s wearing the dress – not the dress is wearing her. I don’t know if I could ever wear this outfit myself, but this is probably my favorite outfit of the week.

Which is your favorite standout outfit of the week?

– Simona Shemer

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Photos: Tracee Ellis Ross in Bottega Veneta, Vogue | Anne Hathaway in Prada, Red Carpet Fashion Awards | Lady Gaga in Valentino, Vogue | Kate Beckinsale in Rasario, Daily Mail | Eiza Gonzalez in Del Core, Red Carpet Fashion Awards

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