Celebrity Fashion Smackdown. Who Wore It Better?

We’ve got some clear winners and losers and some close races this week! Here’s who we think wore it better…


Nina Garcia vs. Becki Newton in Gucci

Winner: To quote her Project Runway co-star, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia makes it work! We think its a stunning dress on both, but we prefer Nina’s colorful clutch to the chrome accessories sported by Becki.


Lauren Conrad vs. Kim Kardashian in Diane von Furstenberg

We’re gonna go with Kim by a bum. We’ve made it pretty clear how we feel about leggings (ew), and Kim’s wide leg jeans and natural hair give the whole look a ’70s retro feel that works with the graphic print.


Mandy Moore vs. Rumer Willis in a vintage Coca-Cola tee

Winner: Mandy by a mile! Her easy cool makes Rumer look like a total poser, and Rumer’s sunglasses are completely unflattering. We also would like to raise the point that if you wind up in the Smackdown every week, (Rumer, Lauren Conrad, Kardashian sisters…) maybe you need to step up your game.


Nicky Hilton vs. Solange Knowles in a Lacey Parker dress

Winner: Nicky, no contest. She styles the dress with cool accessories and manages to take the cheesy star print to some level of chic-ness. Solange combines waaaay too many trends– gladiators, oversize sunglasses, bangles– and kills the look.


Jessica Alba vs. Tori Spelling in Corey Lynn Calter

In this maternity match-up, Jessica takes it. Obviously, with her makeup and hair done, she has a bit of an advantage over the casual 90210 alum, but we find Tori’s sunglasses pretty much offensive. When will stars and regular folk alike realize that big sunglasses cannot hide your multitudes of style sins?

– Hayley Wells

Photos: People.com

1 thought on “Celebrity Fashion Smackdown. Who Wore It Better?”

  1. I totally agree with all the comments. Lauren Conrad looks ridiculous in that outfit. Kim’s a sure win. Both Nina and Becki look terrific in that Gucci dress. It’s not the easiest color to wear and both of them pull it off. Plus I love the one-shoulder look. I’ve got a one-shoulder number by Madison Marcus – it’s super cute.


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