Fashion Columbia 2008: The Future of Fashion At Columbia College Chicago


It is always fun to check out the student fashion shows and see what the next generation of designers is up to – who knows, you could see the work of the next Marc Jacobs or Anna Sui!  It was in that spirit of discovery that Second City Style  attended the Columbia College student fashion show last night. 

Produced by the school’s fashion merchandising students, the show was directed by Nena Ivon, the Manager of Public Relations Special Events/Fashion for Saks Fifth Avenue.  Twenty-two students exhibited the designs they spent the past nine months creating, and the production (music, lighting, and the overall flow of the show) was impeccable.  This year’s theme fused fashion and technology in the form of computer-generated graphics and animation, and the students also created eco-friendly looks from raw muslin stock.


Every year the Columbia College show features a signature color, and this year’s was a bold shade of violet.  The majority of the designs included this vibrant hue – it worked especially well when paired with charcoal and rich blues. 

Several award winners were also announced last evening; Leah Fagan recieved the Vivian Price Fashion Design award, Disha Mehta the Nena Ivon Fashion Management Award, and Sean Krueger and Paul Wesolowski won Dreihaus Awards For Fashion Excellence.  Congratulations to them, and all the students at Columbia College for a fantastic show!

—Jacqueline Zenn

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