The Most Stylish Celebrities Are Back In Black

After a year of quarantining at home and social distancing elsewhere, you’re probably more than ready to be out and hitting the ground running. It’s no surprise that color is taking over the fashion scene, not least of which is because it’s Spring/Summer and because we’re all so thankful in most of the US to be over the COVID-19 hump. But black is a color that never goes out of style and it, too, is making all the fashionistas look chic and sophisticated when they go out this season. The celebrities are back in black fashion!  Just ask Mandy Moore, Kate Hudson, Jodie Turner-Smith, Rita Ora, and Kathryn Hahn.

Celebrities Back In Black Fashion

Black can be both sexy and solemn. Often seen as a color of mourning, it is also the go-to color for a night out. They call it a Little Black Dress (LBD) for a reason. 

Black is for streetwear and casual looks, too. But I much prefer a statement fashion moment at a TV appearance, red carpet event, or even on Instagram. Here’s how fashionistas are wearing their back to black looks in the post-pandemic season.


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mandy moore black faux leather dress fountainof30

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore has had her share of incredible fashion moments lately. And while we haven’t seen all that many of them lately for obvious reasons (she just gave birth to son Gus on February 20,) it’s safe to say she’s back in style. This Nanushka Helisa wrap vegan-leather midi dress doesn’t need all that much by way of accessories, but the best accessory of all is obviously her new hair color for summer. I personally didn’t realize that Mandy Moore was actually a natural blonde — I guess I assumed she dyed it when she was a teen pop sensation — but it’s true and the color suits her. 

As does a faux leather dress, which is both modest and sexy at the same time. And in black, of course. 

kagte hudson black valentino suit fountainof30

Kate Hudson Back In Black

There’s a lot going on in Kate Hudson’s Valentino Fall 2021 tuxedo look, which she wore in Vegas. If you’ve read my Celebrity Style columns in the past, you would know that I’m a huge fan of menswear-style suiting on fashionistas. It might be the look itself, which has a caped jacket and shorts over a black tie and unique oversize collar, that makes it incredibly feminine and beautiful.

Designers and fashionistas alike are experimenting with black and white suiting more than ever. But the black blazer and tailored black cigarette pants (or shorts in this case) will always remain a timeless and essential part of every menswear-inspired suit. 

back in black juliana marguiles black suit whit trim fountainof30

Julianna Margulies 

We all know Julianne Margulies is known for sleek, sophisticated styles and sharp suits. She prefers to dress to impress and this suit is certainly getting attention. She wore this striking Dolce & Gabbana look, with white heels, to an appearance on a late night talk show.  

Black suits will never go out of style. Add some oomph in a major way by mixing it with a white dress shirt, a neck tie/bow, or like Julianna, finding a black blazer with white embellishments.  

clebrities in black jodie turner smith black alaia dress fountainof30

Jodie Turner-Smith 

Jodie Turner-Smith is a striking woman, with every piece of clothing only serving to fully highlight how striking she really is. You would think that the color black might not accentuate her looks as much as a bold jewel tone or a pop of neon color, but this Alaia dress is just right. 

Jodie usually likes to wear a modern look, but the Alaia dress in black keeps her classic and timeless. While fashion critics have talked about the dress being breathable and airy, I find the dress more formal and feminine. There is that sense of royalty that comes with a scoop neck and the interesting way the pleats and the print circle the dress. She is stunning. 


rita ora black outfit fountainof30

Rita Ora 

I’m not a fan of her two-toned hair — I much prefer the blonde, but if there’s one thing that Rita Ora does well it’s own her signature style. A mix of streetwear and finesse, Rita Ora can wear a graphic tee one minute and a sleek gown the next. So not surprisingly, she is a huge fan of black, a versatile color that can be worn casually or for the dressiest occasion. And if that’s not a streetwear color, I don’t know what is. 

For her latest fashion, Rita wears chic black Chanel to celebrate 100 years of Chanel No.5, the iconic perfume created by the label. According to reports, her black plaid top and semi-sheer pants in a signature Chanel boucle-like texture cost a whopping $12,000. 

The thing I actually liked best about this look were the layers of accessories. I’m not sure other celebrities could wear all the gold chains without looking slightly tacky, but Rita is able to pull it off. And of course, as great as black is, black is still black so some pop of color in the form of accessories (whether it’s necklaces, earrings, bags, a hat, or shoes) are sometimes necessary.

celebrities ion black katherine hahn black pants strapless top fountainof30

Kathryn Hahn 

Actress Kathryn Hahn was a wee bit dressed down for the MTV Movie Awards in my opinion, even though her black strapless top and flared trousers had a dressy texture to them. I thought she could have used a necklace to accessorize her collarbone, even though she probably didn’t wear jewelry around her neck for a reason (she chose long earrings instead) but overall she had a chic meets rock-and-roll look which is what this awards show is known for. It’s no Oscars. 

But yes to black for every occasion. 

—Simona Shemer 

Photos:,,, Harper’s Bazaar, @katehudson, Tom and Lorenzo, @mandymooremm

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