Cambiami Sandals – One Pair You Change With Your Outfits – Or Mood

Cambiami Sandals,Customizable Sandals Imagine packing one pair of sandals for your beach vacation. No seriously. Sound impossible? It isn’t. There is now a new super comfortable sandal that allows you to customize and coordinate with every outfit in your suitcase in a snap. Literally. Cambiami (pronounced CAHM-BE-AH-ME and means “change me” in Italian), is a synthetic material sandal base that comes in either tan or black leather and a huge (and growing) selection of straps or “uppers” that allows you to transform your footwear to match your outfit on the go. Now there is no longer a need to buy multiple pairs of sandals when all you are looking for is a quick and easy change. Simply swap the uppers of your ‘Cambis’ and step into an entirely new look within seconds. The inspiration for Cambiami came during a relaxing vacation in Greece where Diane Licht, founder and CEO of Cambiami brought 10 pairs of sandals for her 12-day trip. “As a frequent traveler, shoes were always the first to fill and weigh down my suitcase. I wanted to find a better way for women to quickly and affordably change their look without compromising their style,” Diane says. She spent years developing the perfect design to provide women with fashionable, comfortable and affordable sandals.
Cambiamis sandals Red assembled for wear
Here is a pair of Cambiamis assembled for wear.
The first collection launched this past spring with 24 different upper colors, materials and patterns. The “build your Cambi” introductory package sells for $85 for a base and any 2 uppers of your choosing. Additional uppers are $25 a pair. With one pair of bases and a few uppers you can mix and match your footwear at a fraction of the cost of traditional sandals. Bet you are thinking….why didn’t I think of that? I am!
Cambiami travel pouch, store sandal uppers
Your Cambiami bases come with this travel pouch where you can store all your uppers.
I have been wearing my Cambis for a week now (tan base with black and brown uppers) and can attest that they are simple to change and are honestly the most comfortable sandals I own right now. The base has quite a bit of padding to ensure all day comfort and the bottoms have enough tread to keep you from slip sliding away.
Cambiami sandals, cream strap, Cambiami logo sandal
Here are my new Cambiami sandals.
I also previewed of some of the uppers coming out later this summer and can’t wait to get more (think studs and texture). Order yours today, I promise you will live in them! Visit Cambiami here.   – Lauren Dimet Waters Photos: Second City Style  

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